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A new kaolin-based haemostatic bandage compared with manual compression for bleeding control after percutaneous coronary procedures

Authors: Daniela Trabattoni, Piero Montorsi, France Fabbiocchi, Alessandro Lualdi, Pamela Gatto, Antonio L. Bartorelli

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Determination of efficacy of new hemostatic dressings in a model of extremity arterial hemorrhage in swine

Authors: Bijan S Kheirabadi, Michael R Scherer, J Scot Estep, Michael A Dubick, John B Holcomb

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Efficacy of Hemostatic Agents in Humans With Rotational Thromboelastometry: An in-vitro Study

Authors: Raimund Lechner, Matthias Helm, Maximilian Mueller, Timo Wille, Benedikt Friemert

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In vitro effects of a kaolin-coated hemostatic dressing on anticoagulated blood

Authors: Michael W Cripps, Canon C Cornelius, Paul A Nakonezny, Natalia Vazquez, Jocelyn C Wey, Peter E Gales

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Kaolin-based hemostatic dressing improves hemorrhage control from a penetrating inferior vena cava injury in coagulopathic swine

Authors: Kiavash R. Koko, MD, Brian M. McCauley, MD, Jo hn P. Gaughan, PhD, Ryan S. Nolan, MD, Marc W. Framer, MD, Ashleigh L.R. Hagaman, MD, Rach el L. Charon, MD, Spencer A. Brown, PhD, and Joshua P. Hazelton, DO, Camden, New Jersey

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The effects of QuikClot Combat Gauze on hemorrhage control in the presence of hemodilution

Authors: Don Johnson, Samantha Agee, Amanda Reed, Brian Gegel, James Burgert, John Gasko, Michael Loughren

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The efficacy of Combat Gauze in extreme physiologic conditions

Authors: Marlin Wayne Causey, Derek P McVay, Seth Miller, Alec Beekley, Matthew Martin

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