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Why QuikClot?

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Faster Bleeding Control8,9,10 When Every Minutes Counts

It's QuikClot or It's Not

QuikClot Hemostatic Products provide a bleeding control system that addresses bleeding scenarios from abrasions to traumatic injuries.25,26,27 Its proprietary hemostatic technology consists of a non-woven material impregnated with kaolin, an inorganic mineral.  When kaolin contacts blood it activates Factor XII,1 which accelerates the body’s natural clotting cascade.3,4,5

QuikClot Bleeding Control System.

The QuikClot Bleeding Control System offers hemostatic products that can be used to control bleeding in the military, prehospital and hospital settings. This technology has a long history of success. It started being used in the military on the battlefield and has been the U.S. Department of Defense hemostatic dressing of choice since 2008.5, 20 Over the years, the use of the QuikClot technology has expanded into Law Enforcement, EMS & Fire Rescue, and the Hospital settings. For Faster Bleeding Control,8,9,10 It’s QuikClot or It’s Not. THE CLINICAL EVIDENCE >

Faster Bleeding Control,10 Significant Reduction in Blood Loss18

The QuikClot Control+® line of products are the most recent addition to the family of QuikClot products. It uses the same kaolin technology as the QuikClot line of products. QuikClot Control+ is indicated for temporary control of internal organ space bleeding for patients displaying severe bleeding (class III or class IV). It may also be used for control of severely bleeding wounds such as surgical wounds and traumatic injuries.23

Faster bleeding control10 means better visualization21 when it counts the most. A drier surgical field allows you to identify definitive repair needs quicker. It’s QuikClot or It’s Not THE CLINICAL EVIDENCE >

QuikClot is Ready Wherever You Need It.

From the battlefield to the OR, QuikClot has a solution for every bleeding situation.

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