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It’s QuikClot or It’s Not

In your profession, bleeding injuries are part of your everyday routine. QuikClot with its proprietary hemostatic technology, consists of a nonwoven material impregnated with kaolin, an inorganic mineral that activates Factor XII1 which in turn accelerates the body’s natural clotting ability.2,3,4,5 This bleeding control solution creates a robust clot6,7 to control bleeding fast.9 The QuikClot line of EMS products provide a bleeding control system for all types of bleeding injuries, helping you save lives and improve patient outcomes.



Since 2008, QuikClot Combat Gauze® has been chosen by the Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care (CoTCCC), as the ”hemostatic dressing of choice” for the U.S. Department of Defense.5,20  QuikClot Combat Gauze - which contains the same kaolin technology found in all QuikClot EMS products, has demonstrated consistent hemorrhage control success rates on the battlefield.15,16,17 During that time QuikClot products have been adopted in prehospital and hospital care, helping EMS and Fire Rescue professionals control bleeding fast,9 as they move patients through the continuum of care.  

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Quikclot EMS / FIRE rescue Products

Three proven ways to control bleeding faster.9

QuikClot is a proprietary hemostatic technology consisting of a nonwoven material impregnated with kaolin, which is proven to accelerate the body’s natural clotting cascade.2,3,4,5 The QuikClot line of EMS hemostatic products provides the right tools you need to promote a robust clot,6,7 allowing you to control bleeding fast9 potentially giving you more time to attend to other tasks as you move patients through the continuum of care.

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Quikclot Bleeding Control System & Its Uses

Solutions for a variety of bleeding scenarios

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Quikclot Bleeding control bag & Kits


The QuikClot Bleeding Control Bag®, QuikClot Bleeding Control Kit® and QuikClot Belt Trauma Kit®, puts life-saving technology in your hands, giving you the power to control bleeding injuries. Mass casualty events – acts of terrorism, natural disasters, or intentional acts of violence – require certain preparedness and response. Using QuikClot products in these situations can help save lives by controlling bleeding fast. Advanced preparedness ensures you have the right medical products to control bleeding when injuries occur.

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Quikclot Training Products

QuikClot training kits, and moulage trainer simulate real-world bleeding challenges, so users get hands-on experience. The trainers complement QuikClot’s online training assets. Together, these powerful tools maximize users’ skills to meet the common mission of saving lives and improving patient outcomes.

"To achieve and maximize effectiveness, training is vital.”15

Training and Education

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Proven Safe and effective 15,16,17

Independent test results published in several respected journals demonstrate that QuikClot has consistent hemostatic achievement,15,16,17 reduction in blood loss19 and robust blood clot formation.6,7


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