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Faster bleeding control9 may mean less disruption of workflow

It’s QuikClot or It’s Not

QuikClot is a proprietary hemostatic technology consisting of a nonwoven material impregnated with kaolin, an inorganic mineral that activates factor XII,1 which in turn accelerates the body’s natural clotting ability.2,3,4,5 This solution controls bleeding8,9 and helps to move patients through the continuum of care. Oozing and rebleeds disrupt workflow, keep moving with QuikClot.

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Potentially fewer dressing changes, when you change to QuikClot

Safe and intuitive as standard gauze,14 the QuikClot portfolio of products can handle a variety of bleeding scenarios.23,24 When you need to keep moving but oozing slows you down, its QuikClot or its not.

With the same placement techniques as standard gauze, you can easily implement the whole line of QuikClot ICU products into a variety of bleeding scenarios:23,24

  • Oozing lines, tubes, and Sheaths
  • Fresh Tracheostomy
  • ECMO


Intensive Care Unit Products

Nuisance bleeding, under control

The QuikClot portfolio of products can handle a variety of bleeding scenarios.23,24 Even anticoagulated patients can have their bleeding controlled with our proprietary QuikClot technology.24 THE CLINICAL EVIDENCE >

QuikClot Interventional

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Quikclot ICU Product Usage Guide

Bleeding solutions made routine for a variety of bleeding scenarios23,24

See the different usages for our products below.

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